Real Estate Investment

Progressive Builders Group is the premier provider of construction and real estate consulting services in the area. Our expertise in real estate, financial planning and general construction provides our clients with a unique resource that makes us the only partner they need for all their investment and construction projects.

Listing agents benefit from our expertise in getting properties quickly to market while highlighting value added repairs.

Selling agents benefit from our partnership with their clients to help make their dream homes a reality.

Loan officers
appreciate our thorough understanding of 203K and related rehab processes to help insure their deals are financeable.

Real estate investors utilize our expertise to develop marketing strategies that ensure they are moving forward with the right deals while maximizing their margins in the process.

We understand investments are about time and value, and we provide both. Our success comes from being uniquely positioned where the real estate and construction industries meet customer service.

If you own a property that needs rehabbing, or would like help finding a profitable project. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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